Monday, December 29, 2008

Budget Buster - Part III

It's time to see bank accounts go up - returns and exchanges week! Save some greenbacks with these event tips as well:

An appropriate number of food stations that each feed a portion of your audience (“recommended for 50 people”) will cost you less than a per person price for each station, while offering a nice variety of selections to your guests.

Did you forget to include signage in your budget? Print posters at Kinko’s and use snap frames instead of poster board. After two uses, the frames will pay for themselves and they look much nicer. Bonus tip: Spend the savings on magnetic name tags. Your attendees will thank you for keeping their clothes intact.

As exhausted as you may be post-event, don’t forget to review, review, review those invoices. Did you order that bottle of champagne on the bill or did someone make a mistake? Were all of the service charges pre-approved via the contract or other written agreement? No charges are final until the check is cut.

And that ends my budget busters installments. Happy saving!

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