Friday, December 19, 2008

Be a Budget Buster - Part I

I can't think of a better time to post my budgeting tips. Holiday parties may not be possible this season and entire event budgets are on the line for 2009. Before cancelling all events, it may be a good idea to reconfigure budgets that have some flexibility.

Start off by truly evaluating if an event is the proper vehicle to attain your goal. Before contracts are signed, it can only benefit you to weigh your options, whether you’re marketing, recruiting, celebrating or honoring.

Do your research. Hotel rooms may cost 20% less in Denver but flying to Chicago could save much, much more, depending on where your attendees live and the number of room nights you’ll need. Be sure to include all possible costs in your budget – you can always forego unneeded items later.

Be flexible. The more date, time and setting options you have, the more bargaining power you control.

Stay tuned for more tips on being a budget buster!

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