Monday, January 5, 2009

Vivez la Nouvelle-Orléans!

This Friday I'm headed down to New Orleans to arrange a client's 3-day conference. I remember when a conference in New Orleans sounded like an executive retreat in Vegas - a total boondoggle. If it ever was, it certainly isn't anymore.

The group traveling in this weekend is focused on human rights efforts around the globe. A dozen international advocates will share their successes and challenges with another 125. The most interesting (and challenging!) part of the event is site visits to local organizations doing the on-the-ground work in New Orleans and Mississippi, including criminal justice, workers' rights, housing, and arts and social justice. These four concurrent visits go to up to three locations each (there is only so much one person can control)!

After I return I hope to learn how to post photos on this here blog so you can experience it too. One thing I can guarantee is an outpouring of affection for the local folks. I spent 24 hours in N'awlins for the site visit for this event and learned that a truly friendly city makes each and every "tourist" feels welcome.

Bye for now and BONSWA!